What Is Money


What is Money? is an interactive installation commissioned by Museo del Banco de México (Bank of Mexico Museum).

Banco de México is the central bank of Mexico, and its main mission is to contribute to the improvement of the economic well-being of Mexicans by preserving the value of the national currency over time. In order to nurture and strengthen the relationship of Mexicans with their central bank, Banco de México embarks on a new project: A world-class interactive museum, where visitors will live diverse and innovative experiences through which they can make a critical reflection on the past, present, and future of money.

In this space, the visitor can interact with a number of objects that have been money in the past, that are money today or that have never been money, but may seem so. Through these interactions, they discover the three functions of money, some of its characteristics and how its shape has had to change to adapt to the changing needs of society.


Art Director & Creative Director: Richard The
Lead Designer: Jiangnan Hou
Animator: Rozi Zhu


In this project I worked on the animations.

The concept for What is Money? is based on an eclectic mix of objects, from salt to silk to cigarettes and sea shells. Can we create a Cabinet of Curiosities filled with these objects that inspire interest and fascination in the viewers?

An ordinary object becomes a form of currency if it fulfills certain requirements and if we as a society assign value to it. In other words, the value attributed to an ordinary object is virtual. This virtual attribution lends itself specifically to a form of virtual augmentation, whether that’s digital or otherwise.

What is Money? is an installation that displays a plethora of curious objects in a beautiful and inspiring way. As viewers explore the display of objects, their change in perspective allows them to learn more about each object and the virtual value that has been assigned to them. The installation reacts to viewers through light, animation and sound.